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15 Ways We're Adding "Millennial Pink" to Our Lives

Tastefully, of course.

fools paradise cocktail
Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Even if you haven't heard of it by name, you've seen it everywhere: It's that particular shade of pink — mingling with tones of beige, blush and peach-y salmon — that has taken over homes and mood boards everywhere. Of course, we've had a passion for pink before it was considered très chic. (Hello, Pop Rocks Cosmopolitan!) Here are just a few of the ways pink has inspired us over the years...


1. With some perky petals to brighten the room.

Photography by: Susan Beech
Photography by: Johnny Miller

3. With a door worth noticing. 

pink door accent dots
Photography by: JOHNNY MILLER

4. Or on a gorgeous ombre wall, the trend is definitely not just for our hair. 

ombre wall
Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

5. As we take a splash in the pool. 

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

7. And always saying, "yes way, rosé."


8. As we celebrate a birthday, a new baby, or a long-awaited graduation.

Photography by: Yesi of

9. With the prettiest petit fours during afternoon tea.

dark_pink_florals_0512.jpg (skyword:276118)

12. Or use that same thumb to make melt-in-your-mouth pink lemonade cookies.

Photography by: Jason Varney

14. Or in a bejeweled box that comes from the heart. 


15. And of course, always on Wednesdays.

Photography by: Mike Krautter

Bonus idea! Watch how to make a pretty-in-pink tablecloth for your next party: