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Meet Goldenrods, Our Food Editor's Favorite Easter Breakfast

This Easter breakfast dish named for a yellow flower is a family tradition that dates back generations -- and it's a delicious way to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs.

Deputy Food Editor
goldenrod recipe easter
Photography by: Armando Rafael

It wouldn't be Easter morning without goldenrods. Not familiar with this old-school Southern dish? Creamy white gravy (or bechamel, if you're not from the South) studded with chopped egg whites is spooned over buttered toast, then topped with crumbled yolks. It's named after the perennial plant with striking yellow flowers that blooms in springtime.


My maternal grandma, whom we affectionately called Crunchy, was a world-class home cook, and she instilled this passion in her six kids and numerous grandchildren. She began many food traditions, but my favorite is Easter-morning goldenrods, made with the dyed eggs we collected in the yard. Decades later, many of us in the family still make it each year in her honor. It’s a simple, humble recipe -- just bread, white gravy, and eggs. But, as Crunchy would say, "the most important ingredient is love."


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