Planting 101: How to Make a Hanging Basket

wire basket plant
Photo: John Dolan

Experiment with your own combination of plants, or try Rhipsalis, sedums, staghorn ferns, and senecios, which all do well grown this way.

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Prep Your Space

wire basket
John Dolan

Place an old towel in the base of a low, wide garden pot. This will help keep the round-bottomed wire basket steady while you’re planting.

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Line with Moss

moss in basket
John Dolan

Begin by filling the basket with sheet or sphagnum moss, green-side facing out. Be careful to cover the space fully, so there are no gaps or holes.

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Trim the Basket Liner

coconut coir liner
John Dolan

Using sharp scissors or pruners, cut a coconut coir liner to fit neatly inside the basket. You don’t want to see any of the liner over the top.

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Scoop in Soil

adding soil hanging basket
John Dolan

Add potting mix, leaving room for the plants (so it’s about two-thirds full). We use a blend especially made for containers that includes perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, and sand.

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Add Plants

transplant to wire basket
John Dolan

Pot up the basket with succulents, like this trailing jade (Kleinia petraea, also known as Senecio jacobsenii). Fill in with additional soil, as you would when planting a regular container.

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wire basket plant
John Dolan

Attach the chain, and place the basket in a bright location. Water thoroughly. When the threat of frost is gone, hang it outside in a sunny spot.

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