Pet Costumes

Dress your cat or dog to impress with these pet costumes. Find some of the best in Halloween costumes and inspiration outfits that are great for the fashionable pet on the go!

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Chicken Costume

Why did the chicken cross the road? To go trick-or-treating, of course. This funny costume is made from two tickly feather boas, ordinary kitchen gloves, tights, and a pilot's cap that's crowned with a felt comb. Under the plumage, two leotards are stuffed with batting for extra plumpness.

Petaled-Collar Pet Costume

Transform your companion—using one of our two printable templates—into a sunflower or the prettiest pet-unia. (Get it?) For ease, you can use a collar instead of ribbon.

Bat Wings Pet Costume

This bat pet costume is as comfortable as it is cute: Extra felt layers help the wings stay upright while a rectangle of felt fastens the wings to a harness.

Spider-Dog Pet Costume

Martha's beloved French bulldogs are all dressed up for Halloween. Francesca is disguised as a devious black widow spider in this festive costume.

More Pet Costumes

Think Fin: Dog Shark Halloween Costume

Scale the templates up or down depending on the size of your dog; the same goes for the length of the elastic that secures the fin around the belly. Choose elastic in a shade that best matches your dog’s coat.

Frill Seeker: Cat Clown Halloween Costume

You will need to adjust the length of the chin strap used to secure the hat, as well as the length of the ruffled collar, depending on the size of your pet. We used pale-blue tulle, but other colors will work well, too.