They even come in card form, which would make the perfect greeting for Easter.
bunny embroidery
Credit: Chloe Giordano

With Easter right around the corner, it seemed serendipitous that we discovered Chloe Giordano and her perfectly embroidered rabbits - they're so lifelike that we wouldn't be surprised if they just hopped right off the fabric.

But why rabbits? When we asked Giordano why she primarily creates animal motifs, she told Martha Stewart Living. "I've always loved animals and have been depicting them in various art forms all my life." As for her favorite animal? "If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably say hares at the moment," she tells us. "They're such beautiful animals and I love finding out about the myths and folklore they've inspired."

card emboidery
Credit: Chloe Giordano

On Etsy, Giordano primarily sells embroidered greeting cards and prints of different furry creatures including the rabbits we loved as well as hares, foxes, fawns and squirrels, each with beautifully embroidered flowers surrounding them. (Easter card, anyone?)

Curious as to how Giordano gives her pieces a unique three-dimensional appearance, we asked about her technique - she told us she uses an embroidery technique called "needle painting." Her version of needle painting differs from the traditional way as she packs the stitches tightly together without overlapping them, creating the three-dimensional effect. Giordano says that smaller pieces can take several hours such as a small mouse, whereas book covers and larger more detailed animal pieces can take weeks. Her hard work definitely pays off, with each piece looking beautifully stitched.

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hare embroidery
Credit: Chloe Giordano

If you're interested in how Giordano's pieces progress, then you should be sure to take a look at her Instagram, where she documents how she makes her embroidery pieces from sketch to finish. On top of sharing her technique, she also tries to answer as many questions as she can, so that other people can learn the magnificent art of embroidery.

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