These pastel-colored blooming sugar cookies are a sweet stand-in for real flowers.

Updated February 28, 2020
Credit: Johnny Miller and Raymond Hom

No matter the season, giving someone flowers is a great way to show how much you care. While fresh blooms are guaranteed to bring about a smile, cookies made to look like a bouquet takes the sentiment to the next level. Give your mom, dad, or significant other the gift of a happy stomach with a batch of delicious treats made using our go-to sugar cookie recipe. To take your gift to the next level, think about creative ways to present them—here, our sugar cookies take on a new role when baked on skewers and arranged in a "meadow" of flat of wheatgrass. Let your creativity flow even more by transforming the cookies with a bit of icing and a steady hand. All it takes to recreate this fun bunch of confectionary flowers is royal icing, sugar cookie dough, and wooden skewers.

Ahead, take a look at our step-by-step guide to decorating your flower-shaped cookies to look just like a bouquet of real blooms.

Credit: Johnny Miller and Raymond Hom

Making the Cookies

Begin by cutting shapes from rolled-out cookie dough and transferring to parchment-lined baking sheets. Next, place each cookie on the tip of a wooden skewer and gently press down. If the cookies begin to wilt, not to worry, as they will adhere to the skewers as they bake. After placing in the oven to cook, let your cookies cool completely.

Credit: Johnny Miller and Raymond Hom

Finishing Touches

Pipe a border of royal icing onto each baked cookie using a pastry bag fitted with a plain round tip. Next, create a large dot at the center of the flower, or if you're adding mushrooms to your bouquet, add several polka dots. After placing the dots, cover the remaining surface of the cookie immediately with icing in a contrasting color. If you prefer, let the iced cookies stand for 10 minutes and add smaller dots to the center of each flower. Finally, allow the icing to dry overnight, and present the bouquet the next day.


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