Keep your collected pairs within easy reach. This is a simple jewelry organizer and a pretty addition to your vanity table all in one triangular package. Make a mini earring holder as a gift or to display a precious pair of earrings.
diy wood triangle earring holder

This idea comes from our friend Anusha Rajeswaran of Fish & Bull. You can substitute any thin wood you like such as balsa or basswood for this project, and opt for one of two looks: giving it a coat of paint (one in the pair above is painted in a modern and pretty pink) or leaving it all natural. 

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

diy wood triangle earring holder step 1
Step 1

Cut a rectangular piece of wood that measures 4,1/2" x 5." Then, using a pencil, mark the halfway point along the top and draw two lines down to create a triangle shape.

Step 2

Lightly drag your X-acto knife along the traced lines, using the ruler as a guide. Continue gently scoring the wood several times until it cuts through.

diy wood triangle earring holder step 2
Step 3

Cut three pieces of wood for the sides and bottom measuring roughly 1" x 5." You will need to subtract 1mm of wood from two sides so they can tuck into the other side without excess wood sticking out.

diy wood triangle earring holder step 3
Step 4

Use super glue to adhere the sides to the back, in a butt joint. (Tip: A butt joint is when two surfaces are abutting at right angles to form a corner.)

diy wood triangle earring holder step 4
Step 5

For the earring holes, roughly mark 1/2" sections along the sides of the triangle, then draw a straight line through, connecting the sides. Using the straight line as a guide, line up your ruler and mark 1/2" sections where the earring holes will go.

diy wood triangle earring holder step 5
Step 6

Use a 1/16 size drill bit to drill where you marked earring holes — most standard stud earrings will fit that hole size.

diy wood triangle earring holder step 6
Step 7

Paint the wood or leave it all natural, as desired.


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