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These Instagram Animations are the Cutest Things You'll Watch Today

Rachel Ryle gives us something to celebrate every day.


It's hard not to smile after watching one of Rachel Ryle's handcrafted creations. It's even harder to stop yourself from replaying them over and over... and over again!


Bursting with charm, color, and celebratory whimsy, Ryle's (@rachelryle) stop motion videos are a daily dose of happiness for her 1 million (and counting!) followers on Instagram. But she hasn't always been animating. In fact, it wasn't until the social media platform launched its video feature in 2013 that Ryle decided to branch out from her photography and capture the art of details in a different way. It didn't take her long to fall in love with animating; soon, she quit her job and found her true creative calling. (And we're so glad she did!)


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How does she begin each video? The self-taught animator says it starts with an idea. "I love the moment of inspiration when I know what my next piece will be," Ryle says. "Then, it's curiosity and wonder. How am I going to bring this to life?"

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With every new idea comes a new adventure for the artist who says each animation teaches her something different.  And though the creative process can sometimes leave her filming until 3am in the morning — each 15-30 second video involves tiny hand-drawn, cut, and colored pieces! — Ryle loves it anyways. "I'm motivated by the smiles I know the videos will bring people the morning I post them!"

While her work may help inspire other artists and animators, Ryle's biggest inspiration has been her father. "He raised me to be an artist, but more importantly, to love people through my art. I've always wanted to be as talented and artistic as him," says Ryle. Up until his recent passing, Ryle says they both enjoyed celebrating art and watching hers grow. "It brings joy to people around the world."