Kidney Bean Recipes

Kidney beans, the variety of beans that is usually red and looks like the human organ (hence its name!), are a must for chilies, soups, salads, or combined with rice. Check out many delicious recipes here.

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Our Best Chili Recipes for Cold-Weather Days

From beef to turkey, vegetarian to vegan, there are chili recipes here for everyone.
By Frances Kim

30-Minute Chili

Rating: 3.42 stars 647
This easy chili recipe makes eight one-cup servings; if you reserve half, you'll also have enough for four servings of our Cheesy Hash-Brown Bake, a stick-to-your-ribs meal for later in the week.

Red-Bean Burgers with Avocado and Lime

Mashed kidney beans are amped up with carrots, chili powder, and oregano for these meatless burgers.

False Alarm Vegetable Chili

Rating: 4.03 stars 72
This is one of Joe Bonanno's most popular firehouse dishes. Choose a chili powder that suits your taste for heat. Leave the pot uncovered during simmering to allow excess water to evaporate and the chili to thicken.

Jimmy Fallon's Crock-Pot Chili

Rating: 3.39 stars 1918
This easy Crock-Pot chili recipe is courtesy of comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Hearty Chicken Chili

Rating: 3.57 stars 72
A bowl of this comfort-food chicken chili for dinner will leave even the most dedicated meat eater satisfied. The recipe was featured on "Mad Hungry" TV.  

Rice-and-Bean Salad Bowl with Tahini Sauce

Our glorious grain bowl calls for making the brown rice in advance, but even if you start from scratch, you can get the whole dish on the table in under an hour.

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

The trick to getting this meatless chili on the table in under an hour? Starting with marinara sauce. It's spiced with cumin and chipotle-chile powder and topped with thinly sliced jalapenos for heat.

New Orleans-Style Red Beans

Rating: 4.26 stars 19
This is one of the most economical meals to serve for a tableful of guys, and it can be further enhanced with a topping of your sausage of choice, split lengthwise and grilled. Serve over the white rice with a bottle of hot sauce within reach. From the book "Mad Hungry," by Lucinda Scala Quinn (Artisan Books).

Chili with Chicken and Beans

Rating: 3.66 stars 74
If you like, spice up this robust chili by adding chopped fresh hot chile peppers. You can also replace the canned beans with cooked dried beans; if you do so, use the bean cooking liquid to replace half the chicken stock.

Hearty Turkey Chili

Ground turkey is a lower-fat alternative to beef chuck, and kidney beans—loaded with vitamin C and omega-3s—are an especially nutritious option. This one-pot dish has two other comfort-food essentials going for it: a warm temperature and a hearty makeup.

Beef Chili

Rating: 3.18 stars 102
Serve this chunky sirloin version of chili in a tin cup, for a dish that warms not only the stomach but also the hands.

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Chunky Beef Chili
Rating: Unrated 70
Using sirloin and sausage makes this chili especially hearty. Garnish with shredded Monterey Jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, and thinly sliced red onion, as desired.

Simple Red Bean-and-Rice Soup

Rating: 3.38 stars

An easy, yet satisfying combination of red beans and rice has serious meal appeal when simmered with Cajun seasonings in a flavorful soup.