Lamb Shoulder Recipes

Check out these recipes and make at home delicious lamb shoulder chops, braised lamb shoulder, lamb roasts and more.

Staff Picks

Slow-Cooker Persian Lamb Stew

Lamb shoulder is a very forgiving cut that's ideal for braising in a slow cooker. Here, it's amped up with Middle Eastern ingredients including dried lime and saffron. This recipe appears in our cookbook "Martha Stewart's Slow Cooker" (Clarkson Potter).

Lamb Ghouzi

This Arabian Gulf showstopper is traditionally prepared by stuffing a whole lamb with rice or pasta, nuts, onions, and spices. Martha simplifies the dish by using lamb shoulder instead.

Irish Lamb Stew

Rating: 3.38 stars
This satisfying Irish Lamb Stew, filled with tender meat and vegetables, is just the thing for a cold winter's night.

Scotch Broth

The ultimate antidote for cool spring nights, this old-fashioned farmhouse soup with shredded lamb offers sustenance without the heft. Garden-fresh peas lend a lightness, while turnips (which contain good-for-you fiber) add a mildly sweet bite to the meaty broth.

Lamb, Potato, and Leek Stew

Rating: 3.6 stars
This hearty, savory stew is perfect for those rainy days when you just need stick-to-your-ribs goodness.

Lamb Shoulder Barbacoa

Grab a good book, because these smoky chile-lamb tacos practically cook themselves. An uninterrupted afternoon over indirect heat is just what a tough cut like lamb shoulder needs to collapse into a shreddable, succulent filling; finish by tossing poblanos and limes onto the grill for a nice char and deeper flavor.

Irish Stew

Rating: 2.82 stars
The ingredients for Irish stew are layered in a heavy pot and slow-cooked in the oven, allowing the lamb and potatoes to tenderize and the flavors to deepen and meld. The best part is that you can walk away from the simmering pot and return two hours later to a mouthwatering meal.

Daube Provencale

"The best cut of meat for this dish is the neck, bone still in. But if you can't for some reason find neck, or prefer boneless meat, then use shoulder," says chef Anthony Bourdain. This is an exclusive recipe from him.


This rustic yet elegant pie is composed of a few simple ingredients. Break through the crisp upper crust and you reveal the mellow nuances of rosemary-infused lamb that, in turn, give way to a clandestine bottom layer of potatoes, which serves no purpose other than to soak up the rich, intensely flavorful juices.

Inspiration and Ideas

Lamb Baked with Orzo

Rating: 3.14 stars

Try this classic Greek recipe from chef Vefa Alexiadou's "Vefa's Kitchen" cookbook for a warm and filling family dinner.