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How to Stop Microfibers in Your Laundry from Polluting Water Systems

Help clean the Earth as you clean your clothes.

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We all know that the lint trap catches flyaway fibers in the dryer, but what happens to all those microfibers in the washing machine? It turns out they get rinsed down the drain and into the water system -- a problem that most consumers are unaware of.


The Rozalia Project is out to change that. As the eco-friendly non-profit explains, much of the clothing sold today are made of synthetic materials like polyester, and when these garments are laundered, tiny plastic fibers get washed away along with the dirty water. The source notes that in New York City alone, almost seven billion microfibers end up in the water supply every day! While some of this pollution will be filtered out in water treatment plants, the rest can end up in the ocean and ingested by sea life.

cora ball microfiber pollution laundry
Photography by: Cora Ball

To help decrease microfiber pollution, the Rozalia Project has created the Cora Ball -- a laundry ball that you put into your washing machine to collect debris. The ball's design was inspired by coral, which lets water flow around it while catching microscopic particles. All you have to do is simply place the orb into your washing machine with every load of laundry and proceed as usual. The Cora Ball will trap microfibers, as well as hair, and prevent those things from going down the drain. After the wash is complete, just pick the fibers out of the ball and toss them in the trash. It's that easy! 


You can get your own Cora Ball by pledging $20 to the company's Kickstarter campaign. It's an easy way to reduce your ecological footprint!


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