She's a real Martha in the making.

Green energy and sewing are two things you wouldn't expect to see together, let alone have a common goal in mind. But one crafty woman, Sarah Lancaster from New Zealand, is merging the two in an effort to educate others on sewing and sustainability.

Sarah and her solar-powered motorcade (jokingly named "Cecil") are traveling the country with the mission to mend clothes, teach others how to sew, as well as spreading her knowledge about living an eco-conscious lifestyle. The solar-powered caravan is where Sarah held her entrepreneurial business Sew Love. Last year, Sarah traveled the North Island mending hems as well as teaching her sewing techniques to others so they could do the same after she and her Sew Love business departed. To Sarah, she is all about upcycling and educating others about conscious consumerism. "I feel so passionate about doing what's right and being kinder and more mindful of our planet," she said optimistically to local news outlet The Stuff.

While Sarah repurposes previously worn clothes and material into various bags, she is all about buying and promoting second-hand shopping. "The biggest mission is promoting buying secondhand," she says. "It's not gross or dirty, there are so many great op shops around... and consumers have the power with voting with our dollar. It's about finding fun, positive ways to recycle and shop at op shops to get more people on board."

On Sarah's website, her mission statement, as well as overall sewing goal, reads, "Sew Love is a social enterprise providing pop-up fun spaces and resources for people to be creative, learn new skills, and get to know their neighbors. We focus on reducing landfills and strengthening communities in a fun positive way." Sarah's vintage finds and recycled handmade items are also for sale in her Etsy shop, Sarah Sew Love.

Plenty of sewing needles, spools of thread, and bobbins are fully stocked inside her mobile truck, but you'll also be able to break for tea as it's part tea pop-up shop too. So if you find yourself in the South Islands this summer, Sarah wants you to know, "We will be parking up beachside or at your local op shop with treasures and shared resources so you can have a go at sewing, mending, sipping iced tea, and keeping our Aotearoa clean." You can follow her sewing journey on Instagram and with hashtag #sewlove.

Still learning how to sew? Try this easy no-sew project for a suede pouch:


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