Butternut Squash Soup Recipes

Find warm and delicious butternut squash soups in different versions: creamy, vegan, with chicken, with apples, roasted butternut squash soups and more!

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Pureed Vegetable Soups

When we crave foods that are hearty and satisfying, pureed vegetable soups fit the bill on both counts. Pick your vegetable -- almost any will do -- and before you know it, you'll be dipping a spoon in a comforting, creamy bowlful that's surprisingly low in fat and calories.

Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk and Ginger

Sweet roasted butternut squash tempers the heat of fresh ginger in this vegan soup. Coconut milk is swirled in for creaminess, while toasted squash seeds add a pleasing crunch.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Rating: 3.57 stars
Instead of sugar pumpkins, you can use other winter squash in our Roasted Pumpkin Soup recipe. Kabocha, calabaza, and Hubbard are the best alternatives. Choose a squash that feels heavy for its size and is free of soft spots. The soup can be garnished with toasted pepitas or a dollop of sour cream—or both.

Hearty Winter-Vegetable Soup

Rating: 4.05 stars
On a chilly day, this rustic soup -- made with potatoes, leeks, butternut squash, and escarole -- will warm you right up. Serve it with our Popovers.

Slow-Cooker White-Bean Soup

There's butternut squash, leeks, and spinach as well as white beans in this hearty, rich, and flavorful vegetarian soup. It's a recipe that proves the slow cooker is as well suited to vegetable recipes as to big pieces of meat.

Roasted Chicken and Butternut Soup

Rating: 3.67 stars
Bright butternut squash gives beta-carotene, vitamin C, and fiber to this satisfying homemade soup. Serve it for dinner or—if you can't wait—lunch.

Butternut Squash Soup

Rating: 3.05 stars
This creamy and satisfying butternut squash soup is the perfect autumn meal. 

Butternut Bisque

Rating: 3.6 stars
Your guests don't need to know you whipped up this elegant autumnal soup in a blender and stashed it in the freezer.

Butternut Squash Soup with Shrimp

Rating: 3.96 stars
All you need to make this simple autumn meal is a single pot, a hot stovetop, and someone to set the table.

Corn and Butternut Squash Chowder

Rating: 3.87 stars
Usher in the fall season with this warming vegetarian soup, a recipe courtesy of Jonathan Parks from Brooklyn, New York.

Pureed Butternut Squash Soup

Rating: 3.59 stars
This Pureed Butternut Squash Soup has pureed butternut squash along with onions, ginger, and garlic for a smooth, creamy texture. Whip up this soup recipe on the next chilly day.

Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Cook the veggies (and apple), get out the blender, and your work is done.

Inspiration and Ideas

Roasted-Squash-and-Parsnip Soup

Honeynut squash (butternut also works well), parsnips, leeks, and Granny Smith apples are roasted with fresh thyme and sage, then pureed for the base of this satisfying soup. Brown butter adds wonderful depth of flavor, and each bowl is finished with crispy fried sage and a trio of seeds (pumpkin, sesame, and poppy).

Easy Pureed Butternut Squash Soup

Rating: Unrated
This recipe for pureed butternut squash soup is from the January/February 2008 issue of Everyday Food.

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Rating: 3.97 stars

Butternut squash has sweet, fine-textured flesh that makes a delicious puree. And unlike many varieties of squash, its skin is thin enough to peel without much trouble. Try it in our velvety version of the classic hearty soup.