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These Are Martha’s Favorite Vegetables to Grow

See what's always in her vegetable garden at Bedford.

Photography by: Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Of course she loves to try new varieties, but Martha also has tried-and-true vegetables that she grows year after year at her farm in Bedford.



Imperial Star’ is a green artichoke that will yield in its first year grown from seed. It's the earliest producing annual artichoke and grows as a perennial in zones 7 and warmer.


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Photography by: Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds


Red Ace’ is a smooth, round deep red beet that's sweet and tender, even when older.  


'Touchstone Gold' has bright yellow flesh that retains its color when cooked and has a lovely sweet flavor.

Photography by: Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds


Corvair’ has very dark green oval leaves and upright growth that makes it easy to harvest. It's a very adaptable spinach that can be grown for spring or fall crop.


Emperor’ is a long-stemmed spinach with dark green, semi savoy (that's crinkly) leaves.


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Photography by: Courtesy of Pinetree Garden Seeds


Early Girl’ produces compact plants that mature rapidly and start to yield 4-6 ounce rich red fruit within a couple months of transplanting all the way  through to frost. The tomatoes have a loose texture, and fine sweet flavor. 


Sungold’ is a golden-orange cherry tomato with a great "tomatoey" flavor and is very sweet. It's a very productive plant, expect high yields. 



Photography by: Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds


Shogoin’ is a classic Japanese turnip variety that produces a globe-shaped white root and mild-tasting greens. It's a quick grower, the light green tops can be harvested in just 30 days.


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