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Grow Micro-Vegetables Indoors With This Cool Vertical Garden

Good things come in small packages.

micro veggie vertical garden indoor
Photography by: EcoQube Frame

If you've never heard of micro-vegetables, they're exactly what their name implies: Micro-vegetables or micro-greens are miniature versions of popular vegetables like kale, radishes, cilantro, and other leafy plants, and in addition to being cute, they're also really good for you. 


According to research, micro-greens can have up to 40 times higher levels of important nutrients than their full-size counterparts. If you're looking to get more vitamin C, K, or E per bite, micro-vegetables may be your best bet. And now, you can grow these adorable mini vegetables at home via the EcoQube Frame, a counter-top vertical garden.


Here's why it's so popular: The EcoQube is specially designed to grow micro-greens all by itself! You simply fill the water reservoir, insert the seed pads, and let nature do its thing. The water is automatically drawn up the seed packets, and within a few days, your plants will germinate. 

micro veggies growing indoors
Photography by: EcoQube Frame

According to the EcoQube's Kickstarter page, it take just 10 days to grow a full patch of micro-vegetables. However, you can also grow succulents, grass, or other plants in the frame, which can be stood on a counter or mounted on the wall. 


Want some full-size veggies to eat with your micro-greens? Check out Martha's vegetable garden tips, then get to sowing!


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