All you need is a pretty spring fabric and a few basic supplies.
david stark easter egg plate
Credit: David Stark

From the budding trees to the blossoming flowers, spring is one big explosion of color. Easter is the year's most candy-coated holiday, full of bright or pastel shades that brighten up any fête. This year, think beyond centerpieces with customized plates that add an instant wow factor. This easy, affordable decoupaged plate is a perfect way to freshen up your table, as you can choose whatever pattern or color scheme that suits your style. All you need is a few feet of fabric (one square foot for each plate), clear glass plates and a couple other materials you probably already have on hand, and you can make a gorgeous plate that will impress each and every guest.

When it comes to fabric choices, there are no rules! Go floral with spring-themed daisies or tulips. Achieve pattern appeal with pink polka dots or a bright grassy green plaid. We used a stunning blue batik that combines traditional Easter colors with a more modern print. Whether your style is contemporary or quirky, we guarantee there's a fabric out there for you. You can mix and match multiple patterns along your table. Or do a different pattern just for the kids' table. Once your Easter meal is complete, simply soak the plates in water for an hour before peeling off the fabric. (Note: These are not dishwasher safe.) Then, save the glass plates to decoupage again for your next dinner party or holiday gathering, and always keep your guests guessing what your table will transform into next!

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david stark easter plate materials
Credit: David Stark


  • Fabric of your choice (cotton with minimal texture works best)
  • Scissors
  • Sharp X-Acto or other craft knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Light sandpaper
  • Clear glass plates (we like this line-free one from CB2)
david stark easter plate step 1
Credit: David Stark


Cut a piece of fabric approximately an inch larger than your plate on each side.

david stark easter plate step 2
Credit: David Stark


Flip your plate upside down and apply a thick layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface, making sure to get complete coverage.

david stark easter plate step 3
Credit: David Stark


Press your fabric onto the plate and be sure to completely press out any wrinkles. Next, completely cover the fabric in a layer of Mod Podge, making sure to go past the plate itself. Let it dry thoroughly.

david stark easter plate step 4
Credit: David Stark


Once dry, flip your plate over and carefully check around all of the edges of the plate, applying additional Mod Podge to any edges that may be pulling part. Let the plate dry again.

david stark easter plate step 5
Credit: David Stark


Once the plate is completely dry, take your sharp blade and hold the razor's edge against the glass, letting it be your guide as you cut off the extra fabric. Finally, lightly sand the bottom of the plate, as Mod Podge can feel tacky to the touch, even once dried. Sanding will remove any sticky feeling for a clean edge. Now, you have a personalized plate to suit your soiree. And since the fabric is removable, the possibilities for future parties are practically endless.

Looking for more ideas? Watch how to make a batch of fabric-decoupaged Easter eggs:


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