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Food Writer Melissa Clark's Modern Passover Menu

Meyer lemons, juicy pomegranates, and kirsch meringue add an exuberant, contemporary twist to a classic seder menu.

Photography by: Maura Mcevoy

Tradition: gefilte fish

Twist: halibut and salmon terrine

Dollops of store-bought horseradish with beets and Melissa's foolproof homemade aioli are the perfect accompaniment for this pretty pink terrine.


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Photography by: Maura Mcevoy

Tradition: bitter herbs

Twist: bitter greens with radishes

A briny, lemony caper vinaigrette brightens the peppery, pleasantly bitter mix of arugula and radishes in this simple side salad.


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Photography by: Maura Mcevoy

Tradition: brisket

Twist: pomegranate gremolata

Melissa's take on her mother's lemon pot roast calls for braising brisket with aromatic Meyer lemons and offsetting the rich meat with a jewel-like pomegranate-studded gremolata.


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Photography by: Maura Mcevoy

Tradition: potatoes

Twist: parsnip and potato puree

Earthy parsnips and a DIY herb- and spice-infused oil take ordinary potato puree to new heights.


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Photography by: Maura Mcevoy

Tradition: flourless torte

Twist: cherry preserves and kirsch meringue

Cherries in syrup make a sweet sauce for this flourless torte. They're layered between the dense chocolate cake and fluffy caramelized meringue.


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