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Claim your crown as the perfect host with these brilliant party favor ideas. Send your guests on their way with personalized, DIY favors suitable for bridal showers and weddings, kid and adult birthdays, holidays and plenty of other special occasions!



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  • bootiful halloween ghost lollipop party favors
    Ghost Lollipop Party Favors

    Give trick-or-treaters a spooky surprise with these special wrappers. The round heads of lollipops are anatomically suited to recreate one of Halloween's best-loved symbols. And all you need is a pleated coffee filter.

  • camille styles halloween party bubbles party gift
    Mystery "Monster Repellent" Party Favors

    This Halloween, kids will be delighted when they open these small bottles and discover what's inside.

  • mason jar melon cups with straws
    Tutti Frutti Mason Jar Cup

    Watermelons, lemons, oranges, oh my! These mason jars were turned into lidded cups that double as take-home party favors — guaranteed to be a hit with grownups and kids alike!

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