Celebrating Passover, the week-long holiday commemorating the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt, involves plenty of preparation. Let us help you prepare your perfect Passover celebration with this selection of seder recipes, crafts, entertaining ideas, and more.

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Sure, it's essential for matzo ball soup, but we also love to use homemade matzo meal for Passover desserts—and it's very easy to make.
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A 15-Step Ritual: The Order of the Passover Seder, Explained
The Seder has been the basis for Passover celebrations for thousands of years.
How to Make a Passover "Bag of Plagues"
Teach kids the customs and traditions associated with Passover by letting them take part in this interactive DIY.
12 Passover Entertaining Ideas for the Whole Family
Passover is a beautiful blend of traditions, both past and present. For your gathering, consider our favorite seder recipes, matzo covers, spring centerpieces, and place settings.

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