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This Smart Mirror Provides the Perfect Light for Makeup Application

Apply your makeup flawlessly, no matter the time of day!

smart makeup mirror
Photography by: Juno

Proper lighting is essential to makeup application, yet 70 percent of women put on cosmetics in poorly lit areas, according to Juno. The best lighting for this task is even and natural, according to experts.  “For makeup application, you need diffused, ambient light so that there are no shadows highlighted on the face,” Katie Anderson, principal at Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants, explained to YouBeauty.


However, if you're putting on foundation before work or touching up your blush at night, it's tough to find good light. Some makeup mirrors comes with different settings that correspond with the time of day, but their one-size-fits-all lighting doesn't adjust to your specific needs. That's where Juno, an intelligent makeup mirror, comes in.


Juno has three light setting options -- natural, office and nighttime -- but it syncs with your phone and automatically adjusts the light for optimal makeup application. You can also manually adjust the hue and warmth of the light to suit your preferences and then save your favorite settings to use again. 



In addition to taking your makeup lighting to the next level, Juno also can be used as a ring light for perfect selfies and a reading lamp at night. You can attach the mirror to your wall, or use it on the included base, which doubles as storage tray!


With the right lighting, it will be easier than ever to apply makeup, allowing you to look and feel your best every day!


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