Cobblers, Crisps & Crumbles

Cobblers, Crisps & Crumbles are among some of the best desserts in the world. Fruit-based more often than not, they're easy to appeal to everyone. Search among these classic peach, apple, mixed berry, rhubarb, and other fruit cobbler, crisps, and crumble recipes for the perfect dinner-topping dessert.

Staff Picks

Apple Crisp

Rating: 3.5 stars 1715
One of the definitive desserts of fall, apple crisp is easy and economical. Under the simple butter-sugar-flour-and-oat topping is the apple filling scented with cinnamon. Our test kitchen says baking apples, like Rome or Cortland, are the best varieties to use for apple crisp, but Empire, Gala, or Braeburn apples are also good in this recipe. Experiment with different types of apples and see which you prefer. Let the crisp cool for a few minutes before serving with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Peach Crumble

Rating: 3 stars 786
Peaches shine in this classic and easy summer dessert. A relative to crisps and cobblers, the simple crumble topping is made with just butter, light brown sugar, and flour. The recipe is versatile; substitute peaches for nectarines, or even a berry-peach blend.

Apple Crumble

Put your freshly-picked autumn apples to use by making this classic crumble. Easy enough to throw together on a whim, it contains all of the warm flavors of fall in every bite.

Blueberry Crisp

Rating: 3 stars 982
Three pints of fresh blueberries go into this juicy, lightly sweetened fruit crisp. Use oats, chopped nuts, or some of each to add texture and crunch to the sweet, buttery topping. And be sure to serve this delightful summer dessert with scoops of vanilla ice cream or dollops of whipped cream.

Cranberry Cobbler

Rating: 3.5 stars 391
Take advantage of fresh cranberries while they're plentiful. This homey creation takes just minutes to make and would be a festive treat throughout the holiday season.

Apple Oat Crisp

Rating: 3 stars 569
Ground oats replace flour in this easy delicious dessert. Use gluten-free oats to make it suitable for those with celiac.

Apple-Cranberry Crumble

Rating: 3.5 stars 112
Honeycrisp apples have a firm texture that holds up well during baking; Macoun, Empire, or Fuji are other good choices. Fresh (or frozen) cranberries contribute flavor as well as some juice; do not substitute dried cranberries. A mini-chopper makes quick work of chopping the cranberries.

Crumble Topping

Rating: 3.5 stars 172
Use this sweet, buttery crumble topping on Rhubarb Pie or any other fruit pie in place of a top crust.

Crisp Topping

Rating: 3 stars 150
Use this crisp topping when making Emeril's Apple and Cranberry Crisp.

Pear Crisp

Choose Bosc pears that are ripe but still a little firm for the filling of this oat-almond crisp -- they'll stand up well to baking.

Cranberry-Pear Crisp

Rating: 3.5 stars 89
Fresh cranberries are available from October through December. Ripe berries are deep red and very firm. Before using them, rinse in a bowl of cold water; discard any unripe ones that float to the top.

Emeril's Apple and Cranberry Crisp

Rating: 3.5 stars 239
This quick and easy crisp comes together in no time. A spoonful of whipped cream or ice cream on top wouldn't hurt.

Inspiration and Ideas

30 Fruity Cobbler, Crumble, Crisp, and Buckle Recipes
Pick up a pint of plump berries or a basket of perfectly ripened peaches and let these easy recipes inspire you to create delicious fruit-filled desserts.
Apple-Blueberry Crisp
Rating: Unrated 107
Underneath the spiced oat topping of this crisp is a double-fruit filling: tender apples and sweet-tart blueberries.
Vegan Apple Oat Crisp

Coconut oil stands in for butter to make a vegan version of a classic, comforting apple crisp laced with cinnamon and tart dried cherries.