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The Egg Platter: Why We Love This Easter Entertaining Essential

It's a centerpiece, a serving dish, and a collectible item — all in one!

egg platters

There are so many ways to garnish a deviled egg — if smoked paprika feels ho-hum, you can sprinkle on chopped dill, capers, or caviar (our favorite). But for serving this delightfully retro hors d'oeuvre, one vessel beats all: a platter designed to cradle each bite.


Pressed-glass options hit the scene in the 1920s and '30s. (Today the colored-glass versions, like the one at left, are highly collectible, and therefore harder to find and often more expensive.) After World War II, imported trays hand-painted with chicken motifs (below, left) became popular, as did ones decked out with playful matching accessories, like salt and pepper shakers (below) or a canapé-toothpick holder (above, left).


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Whatever the style, we love a dish that does its singular job so well — and makes a devilishly good centerpiece, too.


Hosting Easter this year? Watch how to make your own floral-stamped eggs for a showstopping centerpiece: