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How to Form Lasting Good-for-You Habits—and No, It Doesn't Involve Sticking with Them for 21 Days
Establishing healthy, lasting habits isn't a feat of will power; it's a matter of fitting them seamlessly into your life. And science shows that with a few smart strategies, you can retrain your brain to enjoy those good-for-you activities. Follow these tips to make any resolution simply routine.
Americans Still Don't Understand the Risks of Eating Raw Flour, Research Reveals
Raw flour can cause food poisoning, but two recent studies suggest most Americans either don't know or don't care.
Ground Beef Recalled Due to Possible E. coli Contamination—Here's Which Products Are Affected
More than 28,000 pounds of ground beef from store brands like WinCo, Albertsons, and Walmart have been recalled.

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Science Says Thyme and Oregano Contain an Anti-Cancer Compound That Can Help Stop the Development of Tumors
According to scientists from Purdue University, the herbs are also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and filled with antioxidants.
A Recent Survey Finds That 79% of Americans Believe Soup Makes the Best Leftovers

What's more, 46% of us look forward to enjoying our leftovers at a later date, since reheating is easier than cooking a whole new meal.