Who says wreaths are solely for Christmas? Get some year-round decor on your front door with these wreath-making DIY tips! Splurge on inspiration for wreath ideas for Halloween, Fall, Summer, and more!

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16 of Our Best Holiday Wreaths to Hang Throughout Your Home
It's that time of year when everything comes full circle: We travel back to our hometowns, where old memories and traditions give way to new ones. And as guests arrive knocking on your front door, there's one beautiful way to welcome them: with a wreath. Ancient civilizations used wreaths, symbols of unbroken time, to celebrate special occasions. They were creative in their materials—using myrtle, ivy, even celery—and there is no reason you shouldn't be, as well. These days, wreaths can live throughout the year, bringing welcoming cheer to any decorated entrance hall, mantel, doorway, or garden gate. We display ours to better deck our halls, share end-of-year cheer, and to greet guests all season long. From rustic to radiant, here are our favorite holiday wreaths.
Five Wreath Bases That You Can Embellish for Every Season
A welcoming touch to any door or window, decorate your wreath with boxwood, grapevine, or modern metal.
18 Fall Wreath Ideas That Will Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home
Wreaths add to the welcoming atmosphere of the fall season. So, use this time of year's warm colors, harvested earthy materials, and rich fragrances combine to craft a loop that lets your guests know just how happy you are to usher them into your home as the leaves turn. For a décor piece with seasonal longevity, choose a design that looks as good during the early days of fall as it does on Halloween night or Thanksgiving. Pine cones, corn husks, and dried foliage all make for a perfect transitional iteration. Fall leaves—in vibrant red, orange, and golden shades—can be used to inspire a design. And in the spirit of the harvest, instead of discarding corn husks, why not turn them into a pretty and rustic corn husk wreath ideal for your front door? For good measure, incorporate fragrant accents like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and dried herbs in your wreath to bring in the pleasant scents of the season, too.

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Ombré Shell Wreath

Encircled on a flat frame, these clamshells are naturally dyed in a gradient for a summer decoration.