Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos

Hosting Thansgiving dinner for the first time or looking to mix things up? Dot your i's and cross your t's with our Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos! Find tips on how to best prep and carve a turkey, how to plan a menu, tablesetting and seating ideas, Thanksgiving crafts, and more.

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The Four Most Common Mistakes Made When Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey—Plus, How to Avoid Them
Want to make a perfect bird this Thanksgiving? Knowing the biggest pitfalls and the best fixes will help you do just that.
Martha Is Firing Up the Grill for a New Thanksgiving Tradition
Give your oven a break and cook the turkey outside. Here, our founder explains why you'll want to try this low-fuss, no-baste method.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Properly Brining a Turkey
Giving your Thanksgiving bird a bath in salt water isn't complicated, but there a few things to know before you start the brining process. Here, we outline exactly how to brine a turkey for delicious results. Follow our instructions to prepare a perfectly brined turkey and download our complete turkey guide for more Thanksgiving tips.
Use This Get-Ahead Timeline for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner
Avoid the stress and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast more this year by employing these smart make-ahead strategies for prepping turkey, sides, and more.
Why You Should Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey Upside Down
This is one instance where flipping the bird is right, not rude. Here, we make a case for cooking your turkey breast-side down and show you how.
What Should You Use If You Don't Have a Roasting Rack? Plus, Other Thanksgiving Turkey Tool Substitutions
There's always the one utensil you're looking for that you can't find. How can you get through Turkey Day prep without it?

More Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos

Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide to Make Perfect Stuffing Every Single Time
As you read through our downloadable turkey tutorial for tips on the perfect bird, follow this general formula for stuffing: Mix a dry base such as day-old bread with sauteed vegetables, herbs, and seasonings; then add a binder such as stock or eggs, and gently toss.
Our Step-by-Step Guide to Cooking Turkey for Thanksgiving
For a perfectly moist and tender turkey, follow these steps and download our full turkey guide for more tips and tricks on how to assure the bird is the star at your Thanksgiving table.

Your Most Common Thanksgiving Conundrums, Solved

It's the biggest meal of the year, so you want to get it just right. Whether you need help with brining or carving the turkey, making the gravy, getting everything on the table hot, or baking the perfect pie, we have all the information you need to do Thanksgiving dinner right.