Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos

Hosting Thansgiving dinner for the first time or looking to mix things up? Dot your i's and cross your t's with our Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos! Find tips on how to best prep and carve a turkey, how to plan a menu, tablesetting and seating ideas, Thanksgiving crafts, and more.

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How to Brine a Turkey the Right Way
Giving your Thanksgiving bird a bath in salt water isn't complicated—simply follow our step-by-step guide, which also includes the ingredients and tools you need to get this pre-roast task done.
Why You Should Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey Upside Down—and How to Do It
This is one instance where flipping the bird is right, not rude. We make a case for cooking your turkey breast-side down and show you how.
How to Carve a Turkey Like a Professional
Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your turkey is cut perfectly—which allows for beautiful presentation on a platter.
How to Store Thanksgiving Leftovers to Keep Them Fresh
From turkey to pumpkin pie, here's what you should keep in the refrigerator, what can be frozen, and how long the leftovers will last.
4 Common Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Home Cooks Make—Plus, How to Avoid Them
Want to make a perfect bird this Thanksgiving? Knowing the biggest pitfalls and the best fixes will help you do just that.

More Thanksgiving Cooking How-Tos

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Avoid the stress and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast more this year by employing these smart make-ahead strategies for prepping turkey, sides, and more.
Everything You Need to Know About Using a Turkey Brine Bag
Trust us: This technique will elevate your Thanksgiving meal.
Two Foolproof Methods for Reheating Gravy Perfectly Every Time

Whether you're making your gravy in advance of Thanksgiving dinner or have leftovers at the end of the feast, these tips will come in handy.