The adorable little plants grow two bunny ears!
rabbit succulent
Credit: Seeds Cactus

Move over, chicks and hens. There's a new Easter-themed succulent in town. The internet is currently going crazy for Monilaria obconica, a rare variety of succulent that looks like a pair of green bunny ears!

These adorable plants are native to South Africa, and they're described as drought-induced deciduous plants. When the succulents sprout, they grow two little stems that look just like a pair of rabbit ears, and as they grow, the "ears" get longer. According to Cactus Art, rabbit succulents are relatively easy to take care of—they need good drainage, a cool climate and more water during their growth period.

It's no surprise that these too-cute plants have taken the internet by storm, especially in Japan! The Japanese certainly love their "kawaii," or cute items, so the little rabbit succulents quickly achieved a viral status.

A pot with these bunny-themed succulents would make an adorable centerpiece for your Easter table! Display them alongside a homemade Easter table craft or spring-inspired floral arrangement to really impress your guests and create a welcoming holiday spread.


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