Halloween Projects & Crafts

Entertain all the ghouls and ghosts in your neighborhood with these hauntingly fun and stunningly easy DIY Halloween crafts, including easy projects for kids of all ages.

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Kids' Halloween Crafts That Are Fun for the Whole Family
We've compiled our favorite Halloween kids' projects for you and your little goblins. Try your hand at making decoupage pumpkins, garlands, pasta skeletons, and even Halloween-themed piñatas!
Skeleton Makeup How-To
A skeleton is one of the most chilling Halloween figures, but our modern makeup version has a sleek, startling beauty. This iconic DIY look makes a bold statement about baring it all. 
The Best Paints to Use When Decorating Pumpkins
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Martha's Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years
We pay homage to Martha's many costumes over the years—from fantastical to the terrifying—but all of them extravagant.
15 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween
Not every Halloween costume needs to be planned months in advance or requires hours of sewing time. It's quite possible to pull together a look with a few items from around the house, a touch of makeup, and simple supplies from your local crafts store. When choosing a last-minute Halloween costume, think in terms of accessories. Some of the easiest items you can use are a mask, headpiece, or a pair of glasses, which can be found in a costume shop or an accessories store. All you need to do is add some attachments—try feathers, fur, or creepy-crawly fake bugs—and you have a ready-to-go look in less than 15 minutes.  Your hairstyle also provides endless last-minute costume possibilities. Braid your hair and wrap it around your head in the fashion of ancient Romans and Greeks. Or turn yourself into Medusa by weaving in some rubber snakes. Complete each look by wearing all white and golden sandals. Now, for the fun part: It's time to suit up and let the spooky festivities commence!
27 of Our Best Pumpkin Carving and Design Ideas
While you've likely perfected the toothy grin and triangular nose, odds are you haven't transformed your pumpkin into an owl or given it 3D googly eyes.

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Chicken Costume
Why did the chicken cross the road? To go trick-or-treating, of course. This funny costume is made from two tickly feather boas, ordinary kitchen gloves, tights, and a pilot's cap that's crowned with a felt comb. Under the plumage, two leotards are stuffed with batting for extra plumpness.