Thanksgiving Crafts

There's a whole lot more to Thanksgiving crafts than hand turkeys! Try these easy Thanksgiving craft ideas perfect for toddlers and kids as well as elegant orgami and craft projects to complement your stunning Thanksgiving table setting.

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Angled Pocket Napkin Fold Technique
It's easy as 1-2-3! Start with a square dinner napkin and give it a three-way fold to form a handy pocket for silverware. 
Leaf Candlestick
Adorn festive, honey-hued tapers with these reflective accents to up the cozy factor on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Pie Garland
Go ahead, cut a slice. (Or two, or three...) This paper garland—made to look like slices of apple and pumpkin pie—makes a sweet Thanksgiving decoration.
Velvet Pomegranates
This Thanksgiving-appropriate fruit makes the ultimate party-favor-meets-place-setter in faux form.
Paper Pilgrim Bonnet
Remember the Mayflower, and give the little ones a fun way to play out scenes from the first Thanksgiving with these paper bonnets. You do the cutting, and the kids can do the gluing and tying.
Corn Husk Dolls
Simple corn husk dolls have timeless appeal and are just the thing to keep little hands busy at a family gathering taking place during the fall.

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Lined Cornucopia
The Thanksgiving season's most recognizable motif deserves a spot on your tablescape or sideboard.
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Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown

This is the ultimate Thanksgiving day craft for kids.