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Take control of space in your home by utilizing a variety of cabinets and shelving. Search DIY projects and get all the best tips and tricks for finding the right storage options for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more.

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How to Put Impractically Small Kitchen Cabinets to Good Use
Where else would you store spices, cutting boards, and bottles of olive oil?
How to Properly Care for Your Kitchen Cabinets
Of course, it's as important to keep cabinets tidy as it is to be well organized. Because kitchen cabinets are placed precisely where some of the messiest work in the home occurs, they soon show the effects of grease, food spills, and moisture. Use these tips from Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook to keep them shiny and new.
Choosing Kitchen Cabinets: 14 Things You Need to Know
They keep your dishware neatly stacked and your countertops clear of clutter. Most importantly, they're the unifying backdrop to your kitchen's overall design. They're your kitchen cabinets. According to experts, they're such an important element of your kitchen remodel that you can expect to spend nearly half of your remodeling budget on them. (No pressure, though!) Make the best cabinetry decision to complete your dream kitchen with these tips on hand.
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
Can't swing a renovation? This budget-friendly home improvement will freshen up your space.

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Martha's Best Kitchen Organizing Tips Will Help You Make the Most of Your Space
If you're looking to design a truly functional kitchen, there are a few rules Martha suggests you follow. At the top of her list? Use every inch of space available to you. According to Martha, using shelving in place of upper cabinets can help make the room feel lighter and airier. "I use everything in my kitchen regularly, and shelves make it all accessible," Martha says. "These nearly reach the ceiling, putting underused space to work." Beyond shelving, Martha has many tips for creating a kitchen that's both practical and stylish—from making the most of your island to folding your linens. The possibilities for transforming your kitchen into an appealing and practical space are seemingly endless. Here, Martha is sharing the kitchen design and organization ideas she has used in her homes over the years.
20 Beautiful, Functional Kitchens to Inspire Your Own
From cozy, family-style kitchens to sleek, space-saving kitchenettes and eat-in galleys, we're sharing our favorite kitchens that we've toured over the years. Step inside for some of the best examples of where form and function meet.