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6 of Our Favorite Paper Flower Artists on Instagram

Imagine pretty blooms that will never wilt.


One of the most promising signs of spring are the fresh blooms springing into life at every turn outdoors. And while spring's showers bring buttercup daffodils, cheerful cherry blossoms, and fancy pink peonies, they seem to disappear as quickly as they bloom. However, paper flowers — you know, the ones that are carefully folded into perfect life-like petal perfection — seem to withstand the test of time (or at least the changing of the seasons).


In fact, the beautiful art form of crafting paper flowers is a blooming hobby that many makers are taking up and sharing on Instagram. See below to be inspired by seven such makers on Instagram. And who knows? You too just might become motivated to create your own dogwood branchflower garland, or pretty-in-pink cherry blossoms.


1. @APetalUnfolds

Our dear friend Susan Beech, a UK-based paper artist, knows a thing or two about creating beautiful floral arrangements. In her exclusive interview with Martha Stewart Living, Susan spoke of her craft, saying, "What I love most about paper flowers is how romantic they are and I love to try and exaggerate this in my work. They have such a lovely, almost vintage feel to them." Susan goes on to comment, "There are so many possibilities with colours and what you can make that I never get bored." For sure, you'll find yourself lost in her Instagram gallery and the word "bored" will be the last thing that comes to mind.


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2. @AmaranthusPaperFlora

Let us introduce you to Cherie and Meredith Eastburn, the mother-daughter duo behind Amaranthus Paper & Flora, a makery of paper flowers that last. In the language of flowers, amaranth signifies immortality — and it served as a swee inspiration for the team's beginning. Vibrant and blooming in all seasons, this team's immortal paper flowers bring joy year-round. In Cherie's own words, "Our paper flowers are handmade and home-grown — what could be more 'Martha' than that?"


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3. @ThussFarrell

Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell turn paper into petals — literally. Their keen photographic visions and unique skill of color play set their stems, petals, and blooms apart from the papery flower garden.


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4. @TiffanieTurner

Tiffanie's flowers are not just meticulously detailed — they are often larger than life! Her whimsical work reminds us of blooms straight out of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, Tiffanie has an anticipated book out later this summer dedicated to her craft.


5. @WoodLucker

Meet Anne Wood and Dean Lucker — as in "WoodLucker" get it? — they are the dynamic crafting duo behind this imaginative Instagram. And Ann particularly is known for her paper botanical creations. "Sometimes I like to attempt realism like this marigold," she says in one post. "And sometimes, I like to spin them towards pure fantasy." We happen to admire both!


6. @TheHouseThatLarsBuilt

Brittany Watson is the creative-and-chief over at her successful DIY and whimsical enthusiast blog, The House That Lars Built. While you'll find every beautiful DIY project imaginable (think whimsy paper bows to ombrè tie-dyed sweaters) paper flowers are one of Watson's blog staples. Surely, you've marveled at Watson's holiday oversized holly berry garland creation or pinned one of her crepe paper flower crown ideas, but she really is a paper flower crafting queen. Of course, you'll go on a flower power binge after following her on the 'gram.


Feeling inspired? Try making your own paper flowers: