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Exterior Design Ideas

Greet your guests to a vibrant front yard garden and treat your backyard to a gorgeous landscaping project with these exterior design ideas. Find inspiration for everything from spacey deck and patio designs for relaxing and entertaining to accent pieces such as a swing, outdoor furniture, and lighting.

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    Summery Front Porch Ideas to Spruce Up Your Stoop

    The front porch is summer's perfect purgatory -- it's not the dreary, sunless indoors, but it's still protected from the relentless summer heat (and, for that matter, summer rainstorms.) Now is the time to take advantage of this "best of both worlds" spot. But if you're like most of us, the porch may be a little neglected. Patio furniture looking a little dusty? Hanging plants looking a little, well, dead? We've got some ideas to help you perk up your porch for summer activities.

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    Fabulous Front Porch Ideas for the Entire Year

    The front porch is the first impression your guests get. It's also what welcomes you home after a long day at work or vacation. Make it as inviting as possible with updated, thougtful decorations throughout the year. Here are some ideas.

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    11 Creative Backyard Decorating Ideas

    The great backyard: for those lucky enough to have one, it's a place where a lot of happy memories are made. Here are some backyard decorating ideas that will help elevate the fun!

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