Exterior Design Ideas

Greet your guests to a vibrant front yard garden and treat your backyard to a gorgeous landscaping project with these exterior design ideas. Find inspiration for everything from spacey deck and patio designs for relaxing and entertaining to accent pieces such as a swing, outdoor furniture, and lighting.

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The Most Creative Backyard Decorating Ideas

The great backyard, for those lucky enough to have one, is a place where memories are made. Here are some backyard decorating ideas to help elevate the fun!

Our Favorite Front Porch Ideas for Summer

Your porch deserves a summer refresh, too. With a fresh coat of paint, some fixtures and furnishings, and a plant or two, your favorite hangout has never looked better.

The Best Shed Paint Colors, According to Our Experts

From earthy neutrals to fiery reds, these hues will enhance an outdoor structure while also complementing your home's exterior and landscape.

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