Because giving back makes our gardens grow!
Nancy Butler, team Lead at Seed2Need, and a young grower in Corrales, New Mexico.

With spring (slowly!) springing, we're waiting for our garden to defrost and getting excited about planting. And with everything we love about gardening, from composting to its sustainability, there's nothing better than helping someone else's garden grow. Our friends at Seeds of Change are doing just that.

With their annual gardening grant program, now in its sixth year, Seeds of Change continues to award a handful of lucky local growers a total of $310,000 to promote greener living. With a mission to create a healthier, more sustainable community, to date, the program has given over 1 million dollars to community gardens in neighborhoods and schools around the country.

In Manhattan, Kansas, the students at Amanda Arnold Elementary School used their winning funds to plant soybeans, prepare new beds for planting, and install a water hydrant with its own meter. Meanwhile, students at Paul Ecke Central School in Encinitas, California got to nosh on the fruits of their labor with a Seed to Salad Bar featuring chocolate bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and different kinds of squash.

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Planting with Seed2Need, a previous Seeds of Change Grant Program recipient, in Corrales, New Mexico.

Seeds of Change has even helped some grant winners turn community gardens into full-service urban farms, buy new gardening tools, and educate one another through science experiments, health and lifestyle fairs, and school field trips!

Know a local community-based farm or garden project or a school garden that needs some extra TLC? Nominate them for the 2017 grant program here. All you need is a photo of the project and a few words on why you think it benefits your community. Then, gather your friends and sustainable food lovers to vote! It just grows to show that sharing really is caring.

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