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Be Our Guest: A Baby Shower Inspired by "Beauty and the Beast"

We took inspiration from Disney's classic fairy tale turned blockbuster film. Think enchanted rose arrangements, tea sets that double as decor, and our own delectable version of "the grey stuff."

Tale as old as time, right? You've likely heard the story, and almost certainly seen the movie — as a child and now, possibly with your own children. So anyone would agree that reliving the story of Beauty and the Beast is a happy family affair, oui?


For our baby shower, we found inspiration in two beloved characters who befit the mother-child theme: Mrs. Potts and Chip. The Motherly Mrs. Potts and her perky (if not lovably naive) son Chip become the focal point of this tea party. Our table is steeped in grown-up glamour: dressed in buttery yellow linens, a modern tea set, gold flatware, and royal blue napkins. And now, we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as we proudly present... your baby shower.

You're Cordially Invited

Send out invitations that set the magical tone. This stationery — courtesy of Sincerely, Jackie — is elegantly inscribed in calligraphy and bordered with a stained glass mosaic pattern.

Tea for Two

At the table, we opted for a modern take on Mrs. Potts and Chip. The teapot is a minimalist white that pairs nicely with all-pink teacups, each served with a matching saucer. The tea bags — printed with the name of each guest — double as place cards.

Flowers That Last Forever

An enchanted rose — preserved in a glass cloche — sound, familar? We like the idea of displaying a few arrangements of various heights for scale, but it cannot be denied that a single tall garden cloche makes a captivating centerpiece. Contrary to the film, our arrangements get a slightly more wild, overgrown look with greenery — English ivy, leafy ferns — that looks freshly plucked from the woodlands outside, say... a magical castle? 

Familiar Faces

Take a closer look at the table. We placed small homages to characters from the storyline, including yellow frosted candle votives, a teapot, and this vintage clock, displayed atop a pile of library books. (We think Belle would especially approve of the last decorative choice.)

Bon Appétit

There are a few "must-serve" items when it comes to tea time. One of those is the classic tea sandwich. Whether your preference is hard-cooked eggsmoked salmonprosciutto, or a selection of all three, guests will love to gobble them up.

We Welcome You

Awaiting each guest, a place setting provides everything needed for the afternoon: individual plates, gold flatware, a tea cup, and the menu listing the sweets and treats to come.

Serving Sweetness

A happily-ever-after is only made sweeter with dessert. After opening presents and playing games with the mommy-to-be, display your best sweets and treats at a dessert bar. We offered candy-topped cupcakes, buttercream cake, gold-wrapped candies, and our version of the mysterious "grey stuff" (read on to reveal the mystery).

The Cake

It's the pièce de résistance! This tiered buttercream creation from Nine Cakes is bedecked true to the theme down to the smallest details: a buttery yellow color akin to Belle's ball gown and a diamond mosaic pattern in pretty pastels. Crowning the top tier, another teacup. (Could you ever imagine so many uses for a cup?)


Adding to the grandeur, the cake is displayed in front of a window treated with stained glass effect. 

The Cupcakes

Enchanted roses aren't the only blooms to make a cameo at this baby shower. These little beauties are carefully decorated — petal by petal — to take on the appearance of your favorite flower. Everyone will love them, but if you ask us, we're especially partial to the garden rose variety made with sour peach gummies.

The Toast

Any themed celebration calls for a signature drink. Our mocktail alternative to the tea and alchoholic beverages already being served is a sweet tribute to Chip.

Try the Grey Stuff, It's Delicious

(Remember that line?) Our "grey stuff" is tea-infused ice cream. Keep a homemade batch chilled in the freezer before guests arrive, and then as the party winds down to dessert, scoop and serve in pink teacups. Guests can make their own creations with a mix-and-match array of chocolate, chewy, and candied toppings. For an added feel of elegance, we like the idea of serving an all-gold selection of sweets, such as these gold-foil wrapped chocolate-caramel balls.

Parting Gifts

As a special "thank you" to each of your guests, offer them these handmade tea-bag envelopes. Each one comes with an individual serving of loose-leaf tea — from a custom blend of vanilla, earl grey, and dried rose buds — and is paired with a tiny gold-plated spoon, and tied in a pretty satin bow.