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This Foot-Powered Mini Washer Is Perfect for Small Loads of Laundry

You can save a ton of water -- and a ton of time -- with this washing machine. 


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Have you ever felt bad putting just a couple pieces of clothing into the washer? According to Energy Star, a standard washing machine uses around 26 gallons of water per load and an energy-efficient washer uses around 13 gallons. That's still a lot of water to use when you just need to clean a few things! 


If you tend to do small loads of laundry -- like your gym clothes or delicates -- the foot-powered Drumi washer may be the perfect product for you. Not only does this cute contraption use significantly less water than a traditional washing machine, it also saves you time! 



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According to the Drumi fundraising page, you can wash up to 5 pounds of clothing in the machine -- about five shirts or so. Each load uses just 5 to 10 liters of water (around 1 to 3 gallons) and takes just 5 minutes of foot pumping to complete the cycle.  Hey, you get a pretty decent lower body workout, too!


Just load your clothes into the Drumi, pour in water, add your detergent, and get to pumping! Once the cycle is finished, hang up your clothes to dry -- no electricity needed.



It's the perfect eco-friendly solution to your small laundry loads, and it will save you time, too. You can pre-order the Drumi on the fundraising page for $299. The units are expected to ship later this year.



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