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Libraries and Museums are Now Offering Coloring Pages for Free

Fill in famous works from the Smithsonian Libraries, the New York Botanical Garden, and other participating institutions.


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Coloring was possibly your favorite crafty pasttime as a child, but now thanks to the overwhelmingly grand selection of adult coloring books, you are free to revisit that creative activity anytime and at any age. Nowadays, there are so many coloring books on the market both in store and available through digital coloring apps that the idea of picking one to fill with vivid doodles can be a hard decision to make. But before you purchase a new compilation, did you know that you can get free coloring pages from libraries and museums? It's true!


The free coloring pages began as a promotion created by The New York Academy of Medicine called #ColorOurCollections. This was a social media coloring campaign meant to endorse libraries, archives, and other culture-related topics as well as to get people motivated about topics such as these. Today, the coloring session of sorts continues on with various 21 participating Smithsonian Library networks of research institutions, other museums, and libraries around the world.


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What types of pages can you expect from these institutions? Color-seekers are able to color a vast range of pages including botanicals, natural histories, historical figures, beloved children books, patents, and other scholarly topics. True, you'll be sharpening your motor skills while scribbling away possibly coloring historical monuments bright green and pink, but you'll also be broadening your mind with a bit of unexpected knowledge you'd never expect to gain from coloring. The printable pages are definitely far more intricate and detailed than any of the adult coloring books you may have filled in the past as pages from historical manors to grand libraries are waiting to be brought back to life with a colored pencil. A few participating locations are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Natural Library of Medicine, the New York Public Library, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Research Center among others.


So why not pick up a colored pencil and join in? And don't forget to showcase your colorful creations on Instagram with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections so all can see what a smart coloring pro you really are.


Feeling inspired? Repurpose a box of crayons and get coloring: