Here's a sweet gift idea for any party where tea is served: A bag of loose-leaf tea — a custom blend, courtesy of yours truly — is tucked inside this paper-folded envelope, given a tiny gold-plated spoon, and tied in a pretty satin bow. Don't forget a tag that says "thank you" to your guests.
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This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. They were offered to each guest as part of a "Beauty and the Beast" inspired baby shower.

Each paper-folded package comes with a loose-leaf bag of custom-blend tea mixing vanilla, earl grey, and dried rose buds. But if you're inspired to develop your own homemade blend, check our suggestions for 15 Herbs You Should Try Blending For Your Next Cup of Tea.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

beauty beast baby shower tea party favor materials
Step 1

Loosely fill a tea filter with an individual serving of custom tea blend.

beauty beast baby shower tea party favors materials
Step 2

Lay the paper pattern side down. Fold sheet into thirds lengthwise; smooth creases with a bone folder. (Tip: For precision, use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark exact thirds.)

beauty beast baby shower tea party favor materials bag
Step 3

Tuck tea bag inside the center fold, and fold sheet in half horizontally. Fold each end into a point. Punch a hole in this point and the sticker tag. (Tip: We used leftover scraps of the cardstock to create matching tags.) Cut a length of baker's twine and thread through punched tag; knotting it at the end.

beauty beast baby shower tea party favor ribbon spoon
Step 4

Place spoon onto the front of the folded envelope, tying a ribbon bow to keep in place.


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