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Some of the World's Favorite Foods Might Surprise You

These top eats in cities around the globe taste closer to home than you'd expect!

szechuan fried rice
Photography by: Mike Krautter

Who knew Germans love chicken fried rice so much?

According to Pinterest’s “World Fare” finds — a number-crunching look at the most-searched recipes overseas — eaters around the globe are craving some unexpected eats. 


From French toast in London to spaghetti squash in Sydney, these “internoshinal” hankerings may surprise you. Let your taste buds travel with some of our favorite takes on these popular recipes!

roasted spaghetti squash

Sydney, Australia: spaghetti squash​

We love that Aussies have slurped up on the veggie-noodle trend. A low-carb (yet equally versatile!) version of our favorite grain? Yes, please. Start with a basic roasted spaghetti squash, topped with zesty lemon and a sprinkle of Parmesan.


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puff rice bar

Bordeaux, France: rice crispy treats

As much as we love a good pain au chocolat, we can’t deny the delectable gooiness of a perfect crispy treat! Upgrade your puffed-rice creations with our version of a peanut-butter-chocolate-lover’s dream.


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french toast with asparagus

London, England: French toast

This sweet side of breakfast could wake us up any day. But don’t stop there! Try making a batch of savory French toast -- it's good for morning, noon, night, and all the bits in-between (we hope London agrees.)


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buckwheat waffles
Photography by: Jonathan Lovekin

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: waffles ​

We bet a batch of buttermilk waffles that Brazilians will flip for these 20 ways to enjoy the breakfast classic.


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jamaican jerk chicken wings

Berlin, Germany: Caribbean food

While Munich chows down on fried rice, Berlin is cooking up Caribbean flavors…and with all its spicy kicks, we don’t blame them. Pack an extra punch into your next meal with these Jamaican jerk chicken wings.


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