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Get a Real Bird's View Into These Handmade Birdhouses

Each one is fully furnished with dollhouse miniatures.

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When we see a birdhouse hanging in the tree, it makes our heart smile knowing that someone took the time to create one these adorable little homes for our feathered friends. That's why we can appreciate the ones crafted by Jada Fitch, a wildlife illustrator, who has built some of the most intricate and fun birdhouses we've seen to date.

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Fitch's birdhouses are painted in watercolors, furnished with dollhouse furniture, and filled with bird seed. However, unlike a traditional birdhouse, Fitch's birdhouses only have three walls, the back of the birdhouses are suctioned to her window, so that she can take pictures of birds inside of the houses, a real sneak peek.


Her birdhouses were so well received that Fitch and her husband have decided to created collapsible, waterproof versions of them to sell to the masses, which they have done with great success. The bird homes are currently sold out, but when they're restocked, they will be available in Fitch's Etsy Store. For now, follow her on Instagram, which is filled with beautiful pictures of birds.


Feeling inspired? Build your very own gourd birdhouse: