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Ikea Furniture Will Now Be Easier to Construct Thanks to One Major Change

The furniture giant heard your woes, and now it's making products easier to put together. 

ikea new construction
Photography by: Courtesy of Ikea

Ikea has some great furniture, but even the simplest pieces can be a bit tricky to put together. When Ikea kept hearing this from its customers, they decided to take action.


Now, the company is launching a new snap-in construction that it will roll out across its collections. The new joint style is called a wedge dowel, and it features a ribbed wedge that simply snaps into a corresponding hole -- no screws, hex keys, or wrenches needed. Not only does this innovation make furniture assembly a snap (literally), it also makes it significantly easier to disassemble your Ikea products if you move. 


The first line of Ikea furniture to use the wedge dowel is the Lisabo table series. The collection includes a TV unit, coffee table, desk, and more, and all the pieces can quickly be constructed using the snap-in dowels. 

lisabo ikea collection
Photography by: Courtesy of Ikea

The company plans to use the new construction on applicable furniture in the future, so go ahead -- toss out those hex keys! Or better yet, perhaps find a way to upcycle them into a stunning DIY project.


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