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There's a Massive Crochet Scavenger Hunt Happening in New York City

And one crafter is behind it all.


Ah, New York — the city known for its skyscrapers, thriving theater district, shopping, street-side soft pretzels, and... crocheted comic book heroes?


Thanks to the crafty crocheter and blogger behind The Geeky Hooker aka Cindy Wang, NYC dwellers were in for a surprise when her series of knit Marvel comic book superheroes overtook the city. Her crocheted toys depicting Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron Man have been seen popping up all over the city. Wang — who is a healthcare professional by day and a self-described "crochet ninja" by night — wrote all about it on her blog. "Almost the entire Marvel Universe is based in New York City, so it was only appropriate that I went with Marvel characters this time around," she wrote. "If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters in New York City this weekend, follow me on either Twitter or Facebook to track my drops! Good luck, and happy hunting!"


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Of course, finders are keepers in this instance as Wang wants all of her cute crocheted comic book characters to find a nice home. In fact, if you are lucky enough to follow all of her social media clues to leading to a crime-fighting critter, she asks you to do two things: send a photo and share where your newly-found friend will live. They can be tracked on Twitter with hashtag #critterdropoff. The idea of an adult scavenger hunts sounds like live action fun, but the logical question would be is this simply a hobby of Wang's or does she sell her mini superheroes too? "I'd rather give them away than sell them because I like being able to crochet on my own terms!" She told DNA Info. "I don't want to have to make 50 Batmans." She went on to say that her crocheting is more a labor of love and fondness for comic book characters, "It's more fun to just make them give away to friends and family." In fact, it takes Wang roughly three hours just to make one character!


While Wang's trip has ended, she'll be back. Follow her and her mini crochet minions on Twitter.


In the meantime, why not practice your crocheting skills with the slip stitch?