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Rainbow Balloon Arch

Here's how to make a showstopping rainbow of balloons! At your next celebration, this decoration doubles as a colorful backdrop for photos.

balloon rainbow arch craft

Photography: Kathleen Ballos

Source: Martha Stewart


Amp up your party décor with this festive DIY. This idea comes from our friend Kathleen Ballos. While there may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, we're sure you'll love it just the same.


  • Balloons in rainbow colors

  • Cardboard

  • Pencil

  • String

  • Packing tape

  • Electrical tape


  1. Draw an arch (almost like an upside-down "J") onto the cardboard and cut out (our version is approximately 14 inches wide and five feet tall.) Depending on the size of your cardboard box, you may have to cut the cardboard into pieces about 14 inches wide and use packing tape to form an arch. Add a piece of cardboard to the bottom slightly wider than the arch (this will be the cloud).

    rainbow balloon arch craft cardboard
  2. Start adding the base layer of balloons. To do this, blow up the balloons with the pump, tie, and tape to the edge using electrical tape. Line the entire edge with red balloons, varied in size for scale.

    balloon rainbow arch craft
  3. Fill the remaining cardboard with the remainder of balloons to complete the base layer.

    colorful balloons
  4. To cover any gaps in the base layer and add depth, inflate small-sized balloons. Use electrical tape to stick them in place.

  5. Add white balloons onto the bottom to form the cloud in the same way.

    colorful balloons cardboard arch
  6. To hang, use packing tape to attach a loop of string to the back of the rainbow and hang from hooks/nails on the wall.

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