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Prepare Your Plants for Takeoff With This Cute "Spacesuit" Planter

It's the perfect home for little cacti or succulents.


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If you've been looking for a planter that will make you smile, this one fits the bill. The adorable Space Explorer Planter is sure to brighten up your day and your living space, whether you place it on your kitchen counter or in your cubicle at work. 


Propagating Succulents: 1 Plant, Hundreds of Babies!

The intergalactic pot, designed by Emmanuel Carrillo, is the perfect home for a little cactus or succulent. The explorer's little legs are 3-D printed -- you can download the template for free on Cults 3D -- and then it's capped with a simple glass dome. You'll have to purchase the dome separately, or you could even just use the base on its own. Either way, it's sure to become a fun conversation piece in your home or office.



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Not sure if you could keep a real succulent alive? Maybe you're better off displaying some pretty "floramics" on your desk instead. 



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These cool pottery pieces are just as beautiful as real plants, but they require none of the care. 

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