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Introducing the Smart Collar That Tracks Your Dog’s Health and Happiness

The makers have studied over 300 dog breeds while building their product.


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Any dog owner will agree that we are always on the hunt for ways to better our pets' lives. Enter the smart dog collar device from Jagger & Lewis made to answer these long-sought questions as well as the ability for you to monitor your dog's behavior, needs, health, and overall well-being when you are not together. The Smartest Dog Tracker debuted their new product on Kickstarter, seeking funds and have already reached their investment goal of $50,000.


This smart collar attachment device acts as a window into your dog's mind and health via your smartphone. Aside from monitoring your pup's moods, behaviors, and needs this slip-on device is able to suggest improvements on his health, aid in reducing stress levels, and even help to improve their sleep patterns. The smart device is suitable for any dog's collar and gathers its information via collecting data that depends on your pet's age, breed, and activity levels. The makers have studied over 300 dog breeds while building their product. Once the device is worn by your dog, the information above will be collected to give readings on everything from your pet's thirst levels to sudden illnesses. All findings will be brought to your attention along with guidelines on how to handle the matter.


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The founders who insist that this is a product made for dogs by dog owners give the example of dealing with an anxious pet who frequently barks. The technology inside the device linked to the app on your phone will give you various vet approved insights and guidelines to calming a nervous dog. Hopefully, providing informative information to ceasing your aggravated barking conundrum. Aside from the pet health perks that this collar is equipped with it also has three modes. Those modes are the guest mode, the away mode, and challenge mode. Naturally, being away from our furry friends makes us anxious, but while they wear this device in the 'away mode' you'll still be able to track them accordingly. The guest mode offers more of the same meant for the times when your pet is at the kennel or being cared for by another. Lastly, the 'challenge mode' offers fun games and inspiration to challenge you and your pup's together playtime.


As of today, the first round of deliveries are scheduled for this spring. Hopefully, it won't be long until your Fido can sport a fancy high tech gadget to call his own.


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