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It's Hard to Believe That These Intricate Crafts are Made From Paper

Parth Kothekar transforms this ordinary material into birds, flowers, and whimsical children at play.


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Parth Kothekar, of Ahmedabad, India, has created a profession through cutting paper — not by making paper doilies or snowflakes, but through the technique of paper-cutting, where he transforms paper into delicate pieces of art.



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He started by creating graffiti stencils, but soon discovered that paper cuts was what he was most passionate about — what began as a hobby quickly became a profession, as close friends encouraged Kothekar to share his paper cuts with the world, which he now does through his Etsy store


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What fascinates us about these papercuts, is that all Kothekar uses for his artwork is paper, pencil and a scalpel, yet he is able to create such incredible and intricate pieces.


You can watch a timelapse video of his mesmerizing technique in creating a papercut peacock: