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"Floramics" are the Perfect Solution When You Don't Have a Green Thumb

It's the beauty of nature without the upkeep.


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Trust us, nothing brightens up a room or a desk more then a nice plant, something that adds a bit of color and life to the space. What we don't account for is how much maintenance goes into taking care of these plants. Who hasn't come back from vacation to find a plant wilted and brown? That's why when we spotted these lifelike blooms and succulents made by artist Owen Mann, we simply had to share them.


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Mann only got into ceramics about a year ago, but you wouldn't know that by looking at his work as each faux plant proves to be more beautiful than the next. Mann creates his blooms and succulents from ceramic and porcelain petals, ranging from dozens to sometimes hundreds of petals per piece. 



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These flowers and succulents are for sale through his store on Etsy, with prices ranging from $35 for a life-size rose to $850 for an intricately crafted, larger-than-life succulent. If you ask us, $35 for a succulent that will last a lifetime is absolutely worth it. Be sure to check out Mann's Instagram where he posts images of his succulents and blooms as they are created. 


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