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This Egg-Cellent Crocheted Apron is Perfect for You Homesteaders

We think Martha would like one for her chickens!


As spring approaches, you may already be day-dreaming about outdoor projects like say, starting a vegetable garden, building a treehouse, or hatching a host of backyard chickens. If you really like that last idea — or perhaps, you're already a proud keeper of farm chickens — you'll love this. Blogger Ashlea Konecny of HeartHookHome has come up with an egg-cellent solution to making the task of gathering large quantities of eggs a little easier.


Konecny, a self-claimed homesteader, spoke about the inspiration for her crocheted apron project. "I have a friend, Cassy, who tends to her thirty chickens daily," she tells Martha Stewart Living. "Her egg-gathering system was cumbersome so I decided to whip up a new pattern for her to test. This apron could be used to hold all sorts of crafts, tools — and according to my eight-year-old, to hold his LEGOs while he builds as well!" (She just finished a child's size of the pattern, which we love.)


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So what makes her apron pattern stand out? Konecny was able to crochet not just an apron with one to two pockets but rather one apron with 19 pockets. Chicken farmers will understand how perfect this idea is for those who gather daily eggs (or hey, maybe even hosting an Easter egg hunt). There is a larger rear pocket that is meant for your cell phone or other objects you need to keep handy while you're gathering eggs. 


Konecny is offering the pattern and step-by-step tutorial to her DIY apron for free on her blog, but she also has an Etsy shop where she sells handmade aprons like this multi-pocketed version. Whatever sweet and simple trinkets you hope to add to your Easter baskets this year, we know that colorful dyed eggs will be a part of your presentation too. Luckily — with this apron — you'll be able to carry them all without cracking a single egg.


Feeling inspired? Practice your slip-stitch with our easy-to-follow tutorial video: