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"Follow the Leprechaun" Trail

Ah, those little tricksters — always stirring up mischief around St. Patrick's Day! This year, use our free printable template to set up your own trail of tiny footsteps. Kids will love following them around the house and finding any charms at the end!

leprechaun footprints st patricks day craft

Photography: Kathleen Ballos

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Kathleen Ballos. According to Irish folklore, leprechauns are known for sneaking into places they don't belong, mending shoes, and leaving behind their lucky gold treasure! Going along with this St. Patrick's Day tradition, surprise your kids with a leprechaun trail that leads to their own set of gold chocolate coins.


  • Green cardstock (glitter or plain)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Precision Scissors
  • Green confetti
  • Gold coins
  • Gold foil-wrapped chocolates


  1. Print the provided template directly onto green cardstock and cut out each footprint.
    leprechaun footprints st patricks day craft scissors
  2. Alternately, transfer the template onto the back of glitter cardstock and cut out (or use a paper cutting machine if available).
    leprechaun footprints st patricks day craft glitter
  3. Set up the footprints in a trail around your house using small pieces of double stick tape to secure if necessary. At the end of the trail, leave a pile of golden coins and chocolate. (Tip: You can also write a short note in case the glittery green footprints aren't enough of a hint!)

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