31 Ways to Partake in National Craft Month

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Here, we offer 31 ways to get involved in National Craft Month—one for every day of the month!—for you to try a new hobby, learn a new technique, and create something you're proud of.

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Mike Krautter

In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association created this wonderful celebration that we know as National Craft Month. In the beginning, it was designed to help people rediscover their creativity and learn about the wonderful world of crafting and all of its many benefits. (Of course, craft month is every month for us.)

Flash forward to today, and crafters of all kinds join the inclusive movement of National Craft Month to begin new projects, pick up a fun hobby, or learn a handy new skill. It's also sponsored in part by the Association for Creative Industries' Cre8time.org, a movement that aims to make positive social change through creative pursuits. This initiative encourages youth to try their hand at arts and crafts projects in the hopes of finding passions outside of the classroom.

Whether you're interested in sending a handwritten greeting card or feeling confident to tackle a new one of our decoupage crafts, this gallery introduces you to 31 different craft techniques you can easily try at home. These projects can be done on your own with reference book in hand, in a crafternoon with friends, or together as a family. Many can be done without spending and in less time, while others can be perfected down to the last detail. Best of all, our editors provide all the tips, tricks, and resources you need to master any of these crafts. You'll find hundreds of how-to guides and step-by-step instructions, with printable designs and assets when you need it. Try something new or share one of your favorites with a loved one.

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sweater appliques
Marcus Smith

With this technique, the possibilities are seemingly endless: Embellish any fabric with just a few stitches or a passing swipe of your handheld iron. Hone your appliqué skills with a stylish pair of flats, a bedazzled beanie, or this cardigan with beaded rhinestone appliqués.

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It can be as simple as making a bracelet or as extravagant as embellishing a dress. Why not add some sparkle to your personal style and try your hand at beading one of these stunning accessories?

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Gabriela Herman

Light a candle and unwind as its fragrance leaves your home smelling lovely. When you make one of your own, it's customizable to almost any scent, color, and melt-and-pour material. Try a soy-wax citrus candle, pumpkin spice candle, or a whole set of beeswax candles for a little star-spangled shine.

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Surprise your friends and loved ones with a thoughful handmade card. After you've mastered these card-making techniques, the only thing left to do will be to convince your friends that, yes, you did make this card!

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Clip-Art Crafts


Print it out, cut, and glue and you've got a clip-art craft—easy as that! They're fun for any occasion from Valentine's Day cards to Thanksgiving tabletop turkeys.

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Sarah Anne Ward

Stitch your way to a lightweight tote bag, a zip-up pouch, or a pair of precious baby booties with these basic stitches. Once you know how to work a crochet hook, gather your friends and make something that absolutely worth it. Did you know that crocheting can be as soothing as it is productive? It's been also shown to improve memory.

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Aaron Dyer

Soon, you'll be tricking everyone who won't believe that what they think is a painted design is actually paper. Decoupage practically anything and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

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DIY Beauty

Bryan Gardner

We all love finding that perfect new shade of lipstick, but sometimes we prefer to know exactly what we're putting on our skin. That's why we love making our own beauty products—everything from your lip balm to your body scrub can be DIYed. Try making this lip balm to get lip-softening relief right in your pocket.

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Transform everyday items into something new and exciting with dye. We love a tie-dye T-shirt, but did you know dye can also be used to transform your sneakers, jewelry, and stationery as well?

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Give your favorite accessories a whole new look, add a personal touch to a handmade gift, or embellish something just for added flair! A few stitches here, a few stitches there, and you'll be looking fabulous and chic in no time.

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Framing and Wall-Art

wall art
Andrew Ingalls

Showcase your favorite photos or artwork in full display by crafting the perfect frame. Discover countless ways to enhance store bought frames and start creating your own!

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Gift-Wrapping and Packaging


The presentation of a gift is often the most thoughtful part of the gift-giving process. Make every gift look so pretty they won't want to even open it, with these homemade gift-wrapping ideas.

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yarn swatches
The Morrisons

A neck scarf? A blanket? A headband? There's no better way to spend a relaxing day at home than knitting. Learn how to cast on, stitch, and purl like a pro in no time.

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Gild everyday objects with a little bit of gold to add that pop of glam. It can be done to bowls, blown eggs, decorations—almost any hard surface! We love these gilded glasses that are transformed with a little gilding liquid to look super-chic.

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Glass Etching

Aaron Dyer

Who knew that glass etching was so easy? We're going to let you in a on a little secret: All you need is etching cream to create this frosted glass effect—no heavy tools required. We even made our own cream just for you to use.

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Add a little sparkle to your home as you hone your glittering technique! Why not add shimmer and shine to your party balloons or upcycle a pair of shoes? They're sure to add the perfect pop of glimmer.

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Sarah Anne Ward

There are so many materials to choose from when it comes to making your own jewelry: beads, string, fabric appliques, even recycled materials! Let your creativity flow and make some of your own handmade jewelry—either for yourself or as gifts.

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Napkin Folding


Impress your guests at your next dinner party by learning how to fold your napkins in the most exquisite ways. You can make almost any shape: an Easter bunny, a bow tie, a Thanksgiving turkey, or a teeny-tiny Christmas tree. It's all about presentation, and these classic folds are sure to do the trick.

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Nature Crafts

Roland Bello

Who said fresh floral bouquets were the only way to enjoy nature? Dry your fresh flowers and leaves to preserve their beauty forever. They make a lovely embellishment for cards, wreaths, bookmarks, and more.

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Needle Felting


Create something that's soft and fluffy using the felting technique. This material that we've known and loved since our kindergarten crafting days can be used for a lot more than just hearts for our dolls (or as the case here may be, penguins).

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Andrew Ingalls

There's so much more beyond origami. The art of folding paper is exquisite, from paper boxes to paper hearts, this technique allows you to create beautiful things with just a few folds. Add a bit of flair to your household plants with this origami planter cover, which are ready to use in just a few simple steps.

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Painting, Stenciling, and Marbleizing

Rachel Mae Smith

With the simple stroke of a paintbrush, you can transform an ordinary object—a placemat, a swatch of fabric, a pumpkin, a blank wall—into something of wonder.

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Paper-Flower Making


We love fresh flowers. The only problem? Your bouquet can't last forever. That's why we love to make our own paper flowers like this pink-inspired bouquet. It's an everlasting spring.

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Aaron Dyer

It's a handy technique that can be applied to almost any project at any time of the year. Think Easter baskets, pinatas, cake toppers, and handmade toys!

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Gentl and Hyers

Quilling is the art of creating intricate shapes from strips of paper. The technique is simple once you get the hang of it and creates magnificent three-dimensional works of art like these handmade-quilled cards.

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Raymond Hom

Revisit old memories and collage them together to never forget that amazing trip you took. No one else will forget that trip either, after being captivated by the one-of-a-kind piece of art you now own.

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Lost a button? Have a tear in your sleeve? Want to make something entirely new? Or fix clothing you already own? When you learn the basic skill of sewing, you'll be astonished by just how much you can accomplish with the right stitching technique, a needle, and some thread.

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Create beautiful and delicious smelling soap with these soap-making techniques. Great for gifts or for some self-indulgence, who doesn't love things that are pretty and practical?

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Jenny Hallengren

Who doesn't love bundling up in a cozy, welcoming coverlet? Not to mention, one that you made yourself by hand? Make your own contemporary, one-of-a-kind quilt.

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A wine bottle can become a flower vase. A teacup can become a catch-all for jewelry. A shredded shirt can become a statement necklace. Take anything from trash to treasure with upcycling and a little ingenuity.

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