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This Acupressure Yoga Mat Will Help You Destress on Even the Worst Days

Specially designed yoga mats use acupressure to help relieve stress while you practice. 

accupressure yoga mat
Photography by: Courtesy of Grippz Mats

Yoga is a great way to relieve tension after a hard day, but what if you could combine your practice with the healing effects of acupuncture? The Grippz yoga mat is designed to do just that, hitting key pressure points in your hands and feet to help release stress. 


Combining the healing principles of acupressure with traditional your yoga gear, each  mat is lined with ergonomic knobs that press into your hands and feet as you move through your yoga sequence -- basically you're getting two ways to destress with one product.


Not only are these gentle bumps great for your grip, but they also hit your body's key pressure points in a way that "relieves energy blockages, eases muscle tension, and promotes blood circulation."



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Additionally, the mats are "closed-cell," meaning they will not absorb water or sweat -- perfect for taking this with you to your next yoga class. It also makes it easy to clean off and prevents your gear from developing unpleasant odors. 


Skeptical that little knobs can have such a big impact? Check out studies on the benefits of acupressure. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, research has shown that acupuncture (which uses the same acupressure techniques) can ease chronic pain and relieve headaches.


Next time you have a tough week and need to unwind, roll out a map like this one for an extra-effective yoga practice -- it can go a long way toward boosting your overall well-being!

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