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Here's a Pretty New Way to Preserve Flowers — in a Light Bulb

An online store is opening in March.


Springtime is coming soon, which means planting flowers and integrating fresh blooms into your living space again. And for those who love flowers as well as unique objects that function? We've found an innovative new vessel that has been created by Japanese medical researcher and florist, Rie Okitsu called the "flowerium." This planter is filled with a special liquid that preserves beautiful blooms inside a large light bulb, suspending them in their vibrancy for longer. The idea itself isn't only brilliant, but so is the visual effect as the flowers appear to be captured in time swirled inside the light bulb.


For now, there are three clever vase designs. The first design being The Edison in the shape of a light bulb, The Parum in a perfume-like bottle form, and The Toilette a tall slender glass container all of which prettily preserve fresh blooms. The whole concept aside from the pretty factor is simple, Okitsu, states, "I want to deliver a life with flowers to many people."



Currently, the vases are only available in Japan, but there are plans to go internationally this March as each planter is made by hand meaning no two are the same. Okitsu states, "To give a freshness and vividness, not a flower arrangement, not a dried flower, of {flowerium} that has been infused with new life and enjoy your flowers." Okitsu's design intentions are to bring a new light to the way your display your fresh flowers as well as preserve them over time. In fact, the company wants you, the consumer to pick and choose the types of flowers (hydrangeas, peonies, baby's breath, daisies) that you wish to put on display around your home and office.


For more whimsical pictures of Okitsu's dreamy flower vessels, you can follow them on Instagram @flowerium_products.


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